Women Empowerment

Reaching out
to more than
women every year

With the goal of empowering women from rural areas of the country, we have been promoting Women Self-Help Groups (SHGs) across India. These groups are trained and financed to be independent. Every year, this initiative helps more than four thousand women from rural villages of India.

To make them self-reliant, we provide them with free vocational training in more than 33 fields such as wool knitting, blanket spinning, etc. We encourage them to become entrepreneurs by granting loans for small businesses and for other activities like dairy development and sheep rearing. To promote women’s sustainable livelihood we have also set up employment centers. Here, projects like Ansuya Mahila Atma Gaurav Kendra and Handicraft Group Centre benefit more than 3000 women every year.


Reaching out
to almost

We firmly believe that the future of India lies in the hands of a well-educated workforce.


Reaching out
to over

Every year, we reach out to people who are battling diseases like polio, hepatitis, TB, diphtheria, cataract etc. We initiate and organise preventive and curative health camps, fund healthcare clinics and also support child health awareness programmes in rural India.

Sustainable Livelihoods

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We assist the local youth in building their careers, farmers in strengthening their farm produces, local artisans in imbibing better skills and villages in improving their infrastructures. Our units focus on young professionals preparing to start their careers by providing them with work placements or internships to enable them to further hone their skills.

Dedicated to improving the quality of life in and around its units, Birla Cellulose has also taken up a large number of infrastructure development projects in areas adjoining the plants.In addition to the underprivileged, we are also dedicated to the cause of helping physically challenged segments of the society.